Building Luxury New Homes in Fremantle, Joondalup, and Perth With Sapphire Homes

What are you looking for in your new home? While everybody has the same basic things in mind – quality, comfort, and functionality – the exact design needed for a luxury home can range greatly depending on the individual, the family, and the types of amenities that they are searching for. Sapphire Homes works with every client as closely as possible to come up with a home design that meets their precise needs, whatever they may happen to be. Whether an individual is looking for a luxury home that offers a high level of energy efficiency or one that provides the best possible views from the existing property, Sapphire Homes can design a home that will give them everything that they desire from their new house.

When building luxury new homes in Fremantle, Joondalup, and Perth, potential homeowners may be starting from scratch or they may already have some ideas in mind. Some clients who work with Sapphire Homes may even have blueprints ready to go from their own architects and designers. We work with every client regardless of where they are starting and remain their partner through to completion, ensuring that when their keys are handed to them they have an incredible house waiting for them.

Building Luxury New Homes in Perth, Fremantle, and Joondalup

The process of building the perfect luxury home begins with having a great design crafted to exactly meet the future homeowner’s specifications. One of the most important aspects of creating a great home design is being able to design a home that works with the lot that the client has chosen for the construction of their new house. Sapphire Homes can build on virtually any type of lot but specialises in small lots, narrow lots, and those in subdivided neighbourhoods.

Part of the process of building luxury new homes in Joondalup, Fremantle, and Perth, in addition to other locations throughout Western Australian, is ensuring that we have the time and attention to devote ourselves to your project. At Sapphire Homes we take on no more than 15 home development projects per year in order to ensure that we can give you everything that you need as your home is built from the ground up. It is our pleasure to work with our clients one-on-one throughout the design and building process. This close relationship ensures that all of the client’s expectations are met, regardless of what they are seeking in their new home.

Getting the Process Started

Every aspect of the design and building process is handled with extreme care. Sapphire Homes places extreme focus on both the quality of homes as well as their aesthetic appeal. Those who are interested in luxury new homes as crafted by Sapphire Homes can get the process started by scheduling a no-pressure consultation with our talented team, in which they will discuss the details of the project at hand and get a quote based on a floor plan or existing design. To discuss luxury new homes in Perth, Fremantle, and Joondalup, visit our site at to find out more.