Creating Extraordinary Luxury House Designs in Fremantle, Joondalup, and Perth

Every home is an investment. However, as individuals and families move on from their starter homes and into more luxurious properties, it is even more important to have a home that meets their exact needs and specifications. This is why so many individuals choose to build homes rather than to purchase from those already on the market. However, building can present its own set of challenges. Therefore it is important to work with designers and builders who can craft homes of incredible quality while building relationships with their customers in order to meet their expectations precisely, whatever those expectations may be.

When seeking luxury house designs in Fremantle, Joondalup, Perth, and other surrounding locations in Australia, prospective homeowners have plenty of reasons to make Sapphire Homes their builders of choice. Sapphire Homes specialises in building homes on challenging lots, including small and narrow lots, as well as those in subdivided blocks. Sapphire Homes also has expertise in crafting both one storey and two storey homes in addition to multi-unit properties.

Luxury House Designs for Perth, Joondalup, and Fremantle Property Owners

Sapphire Homes offers several floor plans for single storey, two storey and multi-unit properties as a starting point for home designs. However, we can also produce luxury house designs for Joondalup, Perth, and Fremantle clients from scratch based on the dream that they have for their home. At Sapphire Homes, we also understand that not every individual has the time to oversee the process of designing their future home from the ground up. With just a little bit of inspiration, our design team can come up with incredible luxury house designs designed around the lot homeowners have to work with. This is done in a quick and efficient manner, which ensures that the project is completed in within the time constraints required by the client.

We are also happy to work with those homeowners who already have luxury house designs ready to go from their own personal designer or architect. Regardless of where you are in the design and building process, at Sapphire Homes we seek to be your partners and help you carry through to completion. We value quality just as much as our clients do, and always look forward to handing over the keys to an incredible luxury home that will provide them with all the comfort they desire for years to come.

Your Partner in Incredible Luxury Home Design

Sapphire Homes works to ensure that every client gets exactly what they need or desire out of their luxury home designs, regardless of what it is that they are seeking. This can include a focus on energy efficiency or even a focus on making the best possible use of the views available on the property. After all, when making this kind of investment in a property, homeowners want only the absolute best, and Sapphire Homes is prepared to give that every single time.

Those who are interested in viewing floor plans, galleries of homes produced by Sapphire Homes, or who are looking to contact us to get the design process started can contact us through our website at For luxury home designs in Perth, Joondalup, and Fremantle, Sapphire Homes consistently ranks among the best for very good reason.