Sapphire Homes Continues To Provide Custom Design Houses In Perth, Fremantle, And Joondalup

Searching for custom design houses in Perth? Sapphire Homes is the area’s premier design and build company providing a fresh and innovative approach to the construction of one’s dream home. The company has been delivering quality homes to clients in Fremantle, Joondalup, and the rest of the Perth metro area for almost a decade now. With a team of experts in the design and building industries, Sapphire Homes has helped numerous clients attain the home that they have dreamed. If you can dream it, Sapphire Homes can build it so that you can love it.

Why Custom Design Houses In Fremantle Make Sense

The whole process of buying a home can be terribly frustrating. For families that are growing and need more space, the process usually starts with looking at existing homes on the market. The problem with existing homes is that while there are plenty of great homes for sale, most of them just do not meet all of your exact needs. Sure, one home has plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, but it may be in a poor location. Other homes are just “too this” or “too that” and the search continues.

Unless, you make the decision to have your new home custom built by a professional, experienced company like Sapphire Homes. You get to see exactly what goes into the building of your home. With an existing home, you are not completely sure of the foundation, the home’s structural integrity, the plumbing, and more. During the construction of your custom design home, you see everything being built and all of the materials used. This takes away some of the anxiety that home buyers have when they buy an existing property.

Sapphire Homes Is The Choice For Custom Built Homes In Perth

When making the decision to build, you need a builder you can trust to get the job done on time and on budget. That is Sapphire Homes. The company only builds a certain number of homes each year in order to give each of its clients the type of service they deserve. The professionals at the company realise that clients are busy with day-to-day life and work to accommodate them. With just a few ideas, they can quickly assemble a design and get the project started. Each client is personally guided through every step of the process in an effort to develop an open and trusting relationship. This makes the process go much smoother and further puts the client at ease.

All custom design houses in Joondalup, for example, are designed to meet your land requirements. No matter the size of your lot, Sapphire Homes will provide a professional design to suit. The company specialises in small lots, narrow lots, and homes for subdivided blocks. The designers can even work out plans for single storey or two storey houses and single and multiple unit properties. Plans are developed to the buyer’s exact specifications. To begin the process of building your own home, visit and fill out the online contact form or call 0411 108 892 and arrange your complimentary consultation.