Fresh, Progressive, Custom Design Homes In Perth, Joondalup, And Fremantle

Buying a home is a serious matter that is often one of the more emotional events in ones’ life. Whatever the reason – a growing family, need more space – you start the process of looking at existing homes and searching for that perfect one. One home is almost perfect but not quite big enough. Another is big enough but is located too far from the rest of your family or your workplace. The process can be frustrating. That is when you should start considering custom design homes in Perth built by Sapphire Homes.

Sapphire Homes, which began operations in 2006, has been serving Fremantle, Joondalup, and other Perth metro areas by designing and building amazing custom homes. While the company is just under a decade old, the staff is full of years of experience in the design and building industry. Sapphire Homes’ reputation continues to grow as the company adds more satisfied customers in the Perth area.

Custom Design Homes In Fremantle Are The Solution

When looking at existing homes, you can never get exactly what you want. Several may come close, but with a custom built home by Sapphire Homes you get what you dream. Dream it, design it, build it, and live in it. You are involved in every step of the process, from concept to completion. Give all of your ideas to the company’s designers who will take them and come up with the perfect floor plans. The company is a member of the Housing Industry Association and offers professional design service. Sapphire Homes also assists with amalgamation, subdivision, and associated services.

In designing and building your own home, you have much more control over the end result and you get to see exactly what goes into its construction. You see all of the materials, the plumbing system, the electrical system, and more. Building can help ease your mind over concerns about structural integrity and quality.

Choose Sapphire Homes To Build Your Perfect Home

As mentioned, Sapphire Homes has years of experience in design service and can develop plans or work with ones that you already have. The company specialises in the design of homes for small lots, narrow lots, and homes for subdivided blocks. Whatever the lot size may be, Sapphire Homes designers can come up with plans for the perfect home. The company also caters to different types of structures including single storey, two storey, single unit, and multiple unit properties.

When you build custom design homes in Joondalup with Sapphire Homes, you are dealing with professionals with upwards of 25 years in the building industry. The professionals at the company work with each client individually through every step of the process working to build an open and trustworthy relationship. Only a certain number of homes are built each year so that every client can receive the type of service they deserve. Sapphire Homes appears to be having great success working this way. Nearly 80 per cent of its business comes from past clients wanting to build again or from referrals from existing clients.

To arrange you initial complimentary consultation to start the process of building your dream home, visit and fill out the online contact form. You can also call the company directly at 0411 108 892.